What keeps me focused while I study/write: SomaFM.
My favories are Groove Salad, and Cliphop IDM.

3 responses to “Study”

  1. JulieVW Avatar

    hhhhmmmmm……..Does this mean your Current loyalities are wavering??? (-:

    Study well – and good luck with your last finals!

  2. tk Avatar

    only when I’m studying… I’m too interested in the words of the songs on the Current, and I tend to get distracted by the music on 99.5 (but sometimes it’s ok). However, trance/IDM/downtempo/beat are great for me. So, no… the Current and I are still good friends.

  3. dwight Avatar

    so, now that you are done studying, tell us more about your boring life 😛

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