Surprise Me – Day 1

2006.02.15 – 05:31 – @Apartment
Well, my first surprise is that I actually woke up this morning, and at 5am no less. The book is great! Makes me a little jealous. Wish I wrote it. I’m always wanting to write the book someone else wrote, yet I’m not even writing my own. Who knows, Maybe one of these days I’ll actually become a writer. So lets see-should predictions be in order? Do I want to make a guess about what might happen over the next few weeks? Or is that not very surprising? As fun as it may be to look back and be surprised, I would hate to draw myself into a box and prevent myself from seeing some of the surprising things God wants to do. But what the hell am I talking about? I know God is going to do what God is going to do, right? Huh. Now I’m putting God in that box. Ok, let me start over. Surprise me, God.

Today is going to be a little insane. I’m about to head over to my friend Stephen’s for our semi-weekly checkin time. I can’t call it a Bible study because we are studying Richard Foster’s “Celebration of Discipline,” and I can’t call it weekly because I sometimes have the superpower of subconsciously ignoring my alarm clock. But when I remember to listen to my loud, annoying alarm, Stephen and I have a pretty good time. After that, I pick up Kim and we’ll be at church for most of the day. There are plenty of room for surprises there. We have big dreams, strong passions, broken hearts for the students, and a great staff to work with. But it is a church, and you know what that means. Or, in case you don’t know what that means, change is a four-letter word in most churches. It’s the only thing we have going for us. Change is kind of the point of Christianity–living the changed life and pointing others to the Life-Changer, Jesus Christ–but change in life, for most people, is still a tough as a bath for a six year old boy. It’s good for you, but you’re gonna fight it.

As I was saying, it’s going to be a busy day at Church. Plus, today is our first day at Weight Watchers. And, I finally get my books for my idependent study on what discipleship looks like in the centered-set church. And I should get some other homework done. And I teach for confirmation tonight. And I have to learn how to podcast, because I’ll be starting up a podcast for the Emerging Leaders Network next week. And… well, I think that is it.

So here goes. Surprise me, God.

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