Surprise Me – Day 1

2006.02.15 – 22:52 @apartment
I’m not really sure if anything was very surprising today? At least I didn’t win the lottery, Kim didn’t tell me she was pregnant, and I still can’t form clear, precise statements.

But I was surprised at how well Weight Watchers went. (If you think men don’t go to weight watchers, you would almost not be wrong.) I was surprised to find out that the books I ordered are even better than I thought they would be. I also heard back from two people who have a big pull on whether or not I get to participate in TEEM. And I’ve made apointments, so the conversation goes on.

My mom sent me a great quote today, that fit well with this theme:

That’s really, I think, what life is all about. You just do what the Lord gives you to do. You give the Lord the best you have. The Lord forgives your failures and gives you the power of the Holy Spirit to equip you for whatever He wants you to do. He just keeps on surprising you, opening one door after another.

– Dr. Oswald Hoffmann

I’ll be surprised if I can keep up with this blogging thing. I will have a number of days away from the computer over the next 30 days, so I’ll have to devolve to paper and pencil, but I think I can pull it off.

Lord, You are. Thank you for loving me. May I surprise others with Your love this month as well.

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