As the lenten season approaches, my thoughts are shifting towards sustainability. Yet, I’m surrounded by a world burdened with the very opposite concern. I have found hope in a recent thread of personal interest and study called Value Network Analysis. The following post crested for me at the intersection of lent, a work situation, and my dissatisfaction with the status quo:

Maximization is not the same as optimzation. It is not a temporal or
differential property. Optimization is harmonious and fragile. There
IS a very diffiicult shift for people. 20st Century b-school and mgmt
always urged ‘maximize’ profits or ‘maximize’ production. All the
firms pursing those strategies are gone. It is just not sustainable.
Malignant cancer alway will get you in the end unless treated and
brought back from a maximal state.

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Wondering how I can arrange for Optimization rather than Maximization…





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