Tag Team Banking

I opened up a banking account at USBank today. Rather than getting their single-person 5 Star Service I was treated with two-person service. One guy was training in a new guy and so they took turns helping me through the processes of setting up a bank account and explaining the benefits and services they offer. Being the clever little monkey I am, I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind, “Hey, It’s like tag-team banking!” We all shared a laugh and moved on with the process.

But much like George in Seinfeld, I don’t know how to quit while I’m ahead. George eventually learned his lesson and began leaving meetings at work right after telling a joke instead of sticking arround to ruin it with pitiful follow ups. Me on the other hand? Nope. When the dollar-duo is done dealing me checks, I push the joke to far by commenting with a too-big smile, “It was great being tag-teamed by you guys.” They just stare at me and watch my face turn to confusion and then emabarrasment as I realized what I just blurted.

Stupid, Thomas. Stupid.






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