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According to that little lady, I am Thomas Thomas. I have been called Thomas Thomas before, but usually in a bad connotation:

“Where did you hear that?”
   “From Thomas.”
“You mean, Thomas Thomas?”

Tonight it went a little differently. Her significant other, whom I met and hung out with a couple months ago, introduced me to her as “Thomas”. She replied,

“You mean, Thomas Thomas?”

I thought this was a bad thing, but apparently I actually had a positive impact on Nate. They both reassured me this was a good thing. Whew… (Is it wrong, that I’m relieved when I find out I haven’t screwed someone up?

Anyway, tonight we all hung out at O’Garas and talked about how to be a Christian in community with others in relation to struggling institutions, who can–at times–be less than supportive. The beautiful thing about it all, is that God continues to break through the structures and failures and hurts and show up. Regarless of how dissapointed we may be about the forms, or the leadership, or any of our own expectations. Not only that, but it is explicitly through these broken, struggling relationships that God continually chooses to work.

Gracious God, be with those separated from their families.
Gracious God, be with those struggling to find their place.
Gracious God, be with those learning to live in grace.
Gracious God, be with those who feel they have all the answers.
Gracious God, be with those who don’t even know the questions.
Gracious God, be with those who hate you and everyone who claims to know you.
Gracious God, be with those who love.







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