Teh kind of geek I am

This has come up a few times recently, so I thought I would post here my initial response to “What kind of tech job do you want?”:

I’m just a hacker.

I couldn’t write anything from scratch(*1), but I’ve made a number of web languages do what I want them to.

I am more interested in people, and community, and relationships, so I just do and learn what I have to(*2) to make technology facilitate those relationships.

I would be a great addition to any small team directly engaging the intersection of people and technology. I just never see any job descriptions of “generalist.”

* (1) I am learning python, and fully intend for that to be MY language.
* (2) Which means I’ve done Cisco networking, documentation, blogging, instructional technology training and implementation, web design, web development, customer support, linux/mac/windowz systems admin, ldap, ad, wireless deploy, etc. to whatever extent was necessary to facilitate relationships. In other words, I wouldn’t be a great candidate for any one of those jobs.

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