That’s Vweierd

So, I have this friend Riley right? And the other day, I was doing a google search for pages related to, which is the website I’m working on for the youth ministry where I am serving now as interim youth staff. (Why I was doing the search I don’t know, but that’s not the point.) And third on the list of pages related to wlcyouth[dot]org was, you guessed it, Messy Sainthood (which is Riley’s blog). And what’s crazy about that is that there are absolutely no links to Riley’s blog on that website. I can’t even think of anything about that page that would relate to Riley’s other than Christ. So, who knows.

Oh… wait… it gets better… Then yesterday I receive a request for my resume from Christ the Savior Lutheran Church in Fisher Indiana. Knowing that Riley lives in Indiana, I decide to tell him about it and see if he has heard of the place.

Riley lives in Fisher Indiana.






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  1. riley Avatar

    And Riley is from Oklahoma, which is where Ed Harris went to college (drama department of Oklahoma University), who was in Apollo 13 with KEVIN BACON!!! (I did in only 3 steps!)

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