The Church of the Zoo

Today, during work, I was listening to a podcast of WNYC’s RadioLab talking about a ‘tortured zoo director’. It’s worth a listen, because towards the end he talks about how difficult it would be to change the way zoos are built and run, because everyone who works at a zoo grew up with them a certain way, and wouldn’t want them to ever be different.

My mind started drifting to the difficulties in changing the church, because everyone who works for them, grew up liking them the way they were…

Give it a listen, and tell me where your mind drifts.

You’ve heard of the tortured artist. The tortured poet. Did you ever think about the tortured zoo director? It’s tough work being the steward of animals while at the same time being their captor. David Hancocks, a former zoo director, tells us about the paradoxes he encounters in the zoo world and his dream for a future zoo.

[ via WNYC – Radiolab: Zoo Keeper’s Dilemma (January 15, 2008) ]





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