The End of the Beginning

This is why I’ve always felt a little ‘off” about emergent-US. I have never really connected with it, so this isn’t a break for me, but I am sad it came to this.






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  1. Ryan Torma Avatar
    Ryan Torma

    So was it the “give money” part or the “we are successful because we had conferences” part, both, or something else that you have the beef with?

  2. tk Avatar

    Board of Directors, National Director, Successful, and money.

  3. Ryan Torma Avatar

    There is a sense that they have gone from “conversation” to “articles of incorporation” while skipping the “manifesto” stage–I’m still not sure what future they envision as an organization.

  4. tk Avatar

    It was becoming an organziation that started the issues. And I’m not so much against them being an organziation and taking it this far. The group they gained momentum with Youth Specialties, was very organzied and needed money. That’s what it takes to be a parachurch organization. What’s frustrating to me is that most people I talk to think that Emergent IS the emerging church or that they speak for the whole conversation.

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