The “Kama Sutra” of an Emerging Church

Paul wrote a great article over at the-next-wave:

So, where does your church position itself on the “sensuality” scale? How multi-sensory, multi-layered and ‘multi-connectional’ is your church experience? What does your church (in both the sense of church as “building” and church as “people”) look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What kind of ‘taste’ does it leave in your mouth? What does it ‘smell’ like? Are beauty, life, and vitality present? [ more… ]

Is it too vulgar to say that the bride could learn a few new positions? I think it is sad that the church walks arround trying to pretend that she wore a white dress at the wedding feast. She attempts to present herself like a TV family from the ’50s (who, according to their two twin beds, never had sex). No, she must not ever be intimate with her husband.

The truth is, she was a whore before he claimed her as his bride, and she still finds herself on the street corner from time to time. But he loves her. And it would be ok for her to love him back.






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