This Morning

This morning I listened to sub-freezing temperatures blow in to the city at about 30 miles per hour. It’s calm now, but the cool moist air of the last few days has been dried out by the freezing cold. Now when I walk outside, my eyes will water and then hurt until I can get inside again.

This morning I also prepare to appeal my disqualification from the university based on credits attempted versus completed because I took an incomplete in one of my classes last semester. I don’t mind it so much… I’m use to myself. I’m familiar with near-misses and scraping by. Not that I plan on these things happening, and I would rather them not. But as my good friend, quasi-adviser, and Dean said about me yesterday, “Thomas invented the phrase ‘A day late and a dollar short’.”

I hope all of this changes some morning… I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more responsibility. I can only cling my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who loves me, regardless.






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