Thrown Upside Down

Man, my life has been thrown upside down over these last couple months. And the whole Internet/No-Internet thing (see below) has become the least concern of my craziness.

For one, I’m trying to get the Emerging Leader Network page launched (gonna be at but right now you can get some info here.) However, I keep having computer/internet problems.

For another, my wife has been going through the process of graduating from college and while I have been helping her with that I have been going through the process of resigning from my position at my church as Dir. of youth&family ministry. Partly because I don’t believe in youth ministry anymore, and partly because my wife and I feel called to move to Southern California and become missionaires to the American culture. No, not cultural pockets of immigrants to America… the American (think MTV, BET, VH1, Oscars, Punk’d, Soprano’s, Will & Grace, Osbournes, etc.) Culture.

So we are busy this week trying to move out of our apartment before Thursday, which is when we leave for California for two weeks to connect with some of our friends, develop new relationships, check out a house someone has offered to let us rent, and “walk the width and breadth of the land.” While we are there, we will begin the process of setting up a non-profit so that we can raise support and go missionary.

Once we begin the process of setting up the non-profit we will launch a website that will have a lot more info, keep friends up to date, and provide a way for people who feel led to support us to do so.

Till then, I gotta finish packing.







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