Times are a-changin

If I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to you recently, I just want to warn you that this will be a wild post. I’m sorry that you have to find out the news this way, I just have not been able to get in touch with everyone. That said — here goes.

The short story is that I leave for Texas this friday, and Kim will be following close behind me in September sometime. I will be going back to school at Tarelton State Univeristy and we are going to spend a couple years getting rid of our credit debt and spending some time alone together (for the first time). There are, of course, many factors and events which contributed to this decision, so the longer story follows.

Kim and I have been planning, for quite some time now, to move to California and become cultural missionaries. However, our finances at this time would not allow for us to make the move. We were planning on raising our support through financial contribution, but we have realized that we do not want to go that route. The missionary ministry that we intend to live out is one that we can and will be doing no matter where we live or what our jobs are. We also have been struggling to pay back the debt we incurred during the first year or so of our marriage. We really feel that we need to get out of debt while we are still young, with out kids, and much more financially flexable.

So, we decided that we need to get jobs and get out into the world. And for now, we are going to do that in Stephenville, Texas. Once I finish my degree and we’ve paid our bills, we will decide where to go next. I still have a huge pull in my soul for Calfornia and I imagine that Kim’s heart will always be in Minnesota, so who knows where we will land next.

But if there is anything we have learned, it is that wherever we are together is where our home is. And where our home is… that’s where our ministry is. Our door and our hearts are always open, and you always have a place to rest your head and your soul.






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