todo: Update LinkedIn Profile

Even though I recently complained about LinkedIn breaking some of their core functionality, I still believe LinkedIn is a valuable platform.

Now that I’ve sold my most recent company, it is time to update my profile to focus on The Next Thing.

My buddy Chris Brogan has recently shared some good tips on creating the best profile, so I’ll be digging through these for some advice:

In the comments, Jeffrey pointed me to some other good resources:

Do you have any secret tips, or other resources you like?






3 responses to “todo: Update LinkedIn Profile”

  1. Jeffrey Glusman Avatar
    Jeffrey Glusman

    Last time I checked had some good resources.

    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      Nice! Thank you for pointing them out. I don’t think their general ‘resume writing’ services are what I am personally looking for, but after a little digging around I found some blog posts of theirs that look helpful. (And, I updated the post with those links.) So glad you thought of them!

      1. Jeffrey Glusman Avatar
        Jeffrey Glusman

        I really like their blog posts on how to optimize your LinkedIn as well as some of the ones they have on preparing for interviews. I never paid much attention to their ‘resume writing’ services, but I have referred friends to the sample resume by industry page on their site. I also recall their email newsletter/course on LinkedIn stuff being super helpful, but I’m fuzzy on the details.

        Thanks for the mention in the post 🙂

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