Tweets inspired by morning sessions at DreamForce

I would love to come back to these tweets and dig in a little further under the surface. But, I wanted to at least quickly capture some of the thoughts inspired by this morning’s sessions at DreamForce. (The #’s link out to the original tweet.)

Do you have a visual, defined, roadmap for customer success that you use internally AND share with your customers? #

Learning how Starbucks implements Salesforce products to build customer community. Incl. #

Community Building Goals: 1 communicate value 2 build internal support (culture) 3 Engage ALL users. Also, understand purpose of new ideas. #

Types of Customer generated Ideas: Top, First, New, Sleeper, or Validates (an internal assumption). Name and treat accordingly. #

Healthy communities increase customer loyalty, attract quality prospective customers, and acceleratecompany learning (transform us) #

“OMG! If we create customer communities, we might have to listen to them, and have a conversation.” FastForward: We got richer. #

You probably don’t have ONE community. Build in neighborhoods. #

Visionary leadership essential to transition into community engagement. Business value (though likely) cannot be proved up front. #





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