Spontaneous Worship

Eric shares this great question:

…on one level, I’ve known that this idea of the “emerging church” is more than worship, but now I’m thinking more about “what do these other pieces look like, and how do we get people involved in them?”

At Corum Dei, we are pursuing a way of following Jesus in communal life without building in intentional worship…

We aren’t including any kind of intentional worship in the life of our community.

– We ARE being intentional about loving God.
– We ARE being intentional about loving others.
– We ARE being intentional about trying to follow Jesus.
– We ARE being intentional about prayer.
– We ARE being intentional about breaking bread together.
– We ARE being intentional about sharing resources with one another and the poor.

[Via Visit to Vintage Faith causes me to think… – Emerging Leaders Network]

It is hard for us to imagine how, in the midst of this pursuit, there won’t be numerous moments of divine comedy and incarnational Godsmacks that leave us with no other human response than to pile up rocks, build an altar, say “this is a holy moment in a thin place”, and stand in awe at our lover and creator.






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  2. Anna Avatar

    Explain to me how loving God, loving others, trying to follow Jesus, prayer, gathering in fellowship and ministering to one another and those around you are not worship.

    Sometimes we have such a narrow view of what worship is and is not.

  3. kim Avatar

    That is worship….(thomas is still asleep so I will answer for him with what I know he would say….) All those things are worship.
    (–his wife)

  4. dydimustk Avatar

    Absolutely. Exactly.

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