wandering around down town

I headed out into the city tonight to pray and write and think. I’m not sure how much it helped. That’s the funny thing about prayer, you just kindof say stuff and wonder if anyone is listening. You hope the things you are asking for will come true, but it’s not like you’ll ever find out. I realized that we only live a few blocks from tons of houses full of U of M students. Both St. Paul and Minneapolis.

I walked toward Minneapolis, and was immediately diminished by the amount of life swarming around me. I hoped that the families in those houses would experience joy and love. I asked for them to have enough food and money to focus on growing healthy kids instead of needing to fight over every last bill. I asked for protection for the girls and boys jogging past me into the night. I asked for some kind of clue as to what I could possibly have to do with any of these countless people. I asked for the ability to buy a couple of the houses along the way. I just asked.

It does seem strange to ask for things you’ll probably never see the answer to. But another funny thing happens when you pray. The longer you ask for these whimsical hopeful intangibles, the more you realize you could be an answer to a few of them.

How to meet these people….. hmmm……






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  1. kim Avatar

    For some reason, my heart always tells me that God will answer every prayer. You may just never know it….but God answers.

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