Wanna go to school?

Saw this article on Jordon’s site this morning. I’ve been dreaming of a ‘seminary’ like that for a long time.

There are a lot of great conversations going on out there: Spencer’s got the ETREK thing going on over at theOOZE. AKMA has been working on the disseminary for a while now. And there are some other attempts. I would love to be involved in ETREK, and I’ve been hanging around a long time to see what happens with disseminary. And as for those other attempts, well… I’m not holding my breath. But I do look forward to the day when the church can come up with something as thorough and intense as MITOpenCourseWare.

In the spirit of Peter Block’s book, the answer to how is yes [via dan] I say we just do it.

So here’s my question: Should I start developing a new site or throw in my energy with something that already exists? Please comment below or send me your thoughts.






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