We need a new word for too-common-sense-to-remember

Lifehacker recently shared some tips about making meetings more valuable. Specifically, you should ask the following three questions at the end of every meeting:

* What do we see as the next steps?

* Who should take responsibility for them?

* And what should the timeframe be?

Record the answers and send out an email so that everyone is on the same page. This helps with accountability too (because) no one can say they’re not sure what really happened.

/via Ask These Three Questions at the End of Every Meeting

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I’m trying to build a company that avoids having as many meetings as possible. Instead we are trying to be super proficient at asynchronous collaboration, while also placing extremely high value on they type of face-to-face conversations you’d have over a beer or a coffee. More about that another time.

Anyway, none of this was even the main thing that came to my mind. I got cracked up by a comment on the post by ErikJan:

“These rules are common sense of course, but they are ignored far to often. That’s why there are too much useless meetings.”

It seems like we need a new word for things that actually are common sense, but maybe they are so common sense that everyone just starts ignoring them.

What should we call that?

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