Week in Review

This last week has gone by quicker than most it seems. I feel like I’ve stalled and now I’m in a little free fall spinny thing that I hope to pull out of this week. (note to self: ask Uncle Jim how to pull out of a free fall spinny thing).

ELN is back up, but has quite a few changes to be made to it this week. I’m going to make the cohorts work, and I’m going to get the dashboard working and styled up nice.
– A friend and I are working on a short book called, The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Christian Witness for our Witnessing class.
Kim is Pregnant Ok, not really. (At least we don’t think so). But she did want to eat green olives the other night which is really really really strange for her, so who knows!?
– There is an interesting new web browser out there called Flock that integrates with a lot of Web2.0 services. If you’re brave, give it a try. But I’m not sure that it’s the best idea just yet.
– I have also started playing around with 43things.com which lets you keep track of the things you want to do and connect with other people who want to or have done those things. I want to Move to Norway.
– Friday night Kim and I got to hang out with our friends the Granisisisis (not quite sure how to end that) and Dwight. We watched a stupid move that was really good, which has an even better soundtrack. How’s that for specifics?
– Saturday, Kim and I went to Taylors Falls with our Friends (recently engaged) Seth and Emily. On the way back we stopped for coffee at the Dreamcoat Cafe in Stillwater and enjoyed live music by Teresa Peterson. Seth and I got to jam for the first time in way too long, so I look forward to doing that again.
– Now, I have to go do a whole lot of homework.






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