What a Night

This has been a long night.

I worked at the IT help desk till 11pm, which believe it or not was pretty busy all the way up until closing time. You’d be surprised how many people need help with their computers at 10:30 at night. By the time I got home, talked to Kim for a while and tried out the ‘wand’ massager she got as a prize for being Outbacker of the month–it was 12am. So, I started working on my Greek homework.

When I was done, I decided to Upgrade my WordPress installation. Which is usually a 5 minute ordeal. Well, turns out I broke some stuff when I was hacking WordPress, and my blog was gone… replaced with a crazy mess of scrambled code. Being the suddenly focused student that I am, I put up a “.:dydimustk:. is down, check out my del.icio.us links instead” page and get my reading done for Biology, before fixing the code. Once I get a chance to fix the code, I screw up mySQL and have to upload all my data from a backup which I fortunately made before starting all this upgrade nonsense. All that to say that I have my homework done and my site up and running again.

I’m going to go workout, drink some yerba, look over my Greek again and start the day.

Oh, and remind me to tell how awesome it was to reconnect with my favorite living Christian Heretic in the world!






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  1. n. person who has expressed formal denial or doubt of defined doctrine Heehee – Eduwonk called me a heretic (in the nicest way possible!) It’s not the first time I’ve been called such a thing. TK reffered to me as a heretic I’ve self identified as one, and have even taunted (trolled) a few obnixously conservative robots into calling me names. In my not-so-humble opinion heretics are way more interesting that “normal” people

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