What if…?

What do I want tomorrow to look like?

What if tomorrow was my last "productive" day on earth?
what would I focus on? what would I ignore

What if tomorrow was just a full-on training day for an event 6 months from now?
how would i train

focus or expand?
recover or push?

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Usually I have an itch, just out of reach, in the back of my mind when I’m trying to shut down and go to sleep––not because I’m tired, or because I feel like the day is over yet––but because I need to be fresh for tomorrow. I didn’t really have words for those unspoken questions. Tonight, I found some words. These questions give me some structure for processing those nagging feelings. Something I can put on “paper” and silence the “resistance.” [1]


I just threw up some thoughts on all those questions. Now I can sleep.

Can you try jotting down your thoughts to these questions before wrapping up for the day. I don’t expect you to share what you write… but I would love to hear what the process/experience is like.

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