why would a company hire people they don’t trust?

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has a great culture. But, plenty of my friends and colleagues battle the long slow death of a painful relationship with their workplace. The longer I’ve been at Zappos, the more unbelievable their stories have become.

Barrel Chested

Meanwhile, more and more research is released every day that points to the benefits of providing great benefits to your employees, and taking time to cultivate a great company culture.

Imagine that, happy employees are good for business.

Netflix provides one of my most recent favorites stories in this space:

So if you think people in your organization are predisposed to rip you off, maybe the solution isn’t to build a tighter, more punitive set of rules. Maybe the answer is to hire new people.

To paraphrase one Netflix executive, the company doesn’t have a clothing policy either. But – so far at least – nobody has shown up to work naked.

[ via Netflix lets its staff take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want – and it works – Telegraph ]

But for me, the question at the core of all of this that I am most interested in is, WHY WOULD YOU HIRE SOMEONE YOU DON’T TRUST?!?

update: You should probably also read Startup Culture Lessons from Mad Men by Brian Halligan of HubSpot.






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