Wikipedia – The coloring book of knowledge

I say this with the utmost respect, and I mean it in a good way: Wikipedia is the coloring book of knowledge. It gives you the shapes and features of an idea. There is a lot still missing, and you’re supposed to fill in the blanks a little, play with the definition, look around in the world and see how to make sense of the shapes based on the real knowledge out there. Hopefully, you’ll learn to make the outline look more like the world you experience. But no one really expects you to spend the rest of your life reading Wikipedia, I mean coloring books.






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  1. Ben Tremblay Avatar

    I saw Jimmy Wales on BBC “HardTalk” last night … the regular stuff about “truth”, nothing new or inspiring.

    I got onto WikiPedia pretty early … and likewise with Citizendium … not the sort of projects I need to lean into; they’re doing fine on their own. But it’s historic … and we tend to forget that it’s all very very very new, and not intended to be in any way “flash in the pan”. Not like hoosgot huh huh


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