Will you connect some dots with me?

Playing with the internet gives me hope again.

It feels like a distraction sometimes, like I should only spend 100% of time working on the "only things that matters" e.g. the business. But, it just isn't possible from a focus and energy stand point. And even if it was, the walls would just keep closing in… I would be staring deeper and deeper into my own belly button and I couldn't do a good job anyway.

So, I guess this is me giving myself permission to play with the internet. Create new relationships. Discover new ways of thinking. See what it looks like from other's perspectives.

This can all be made better.

People are so interesting, and amazing, and disappointing but somehow we keep moving forward.

I feel something, or see something. I can tell that there is a next version of "us" that is just out of reach, or just out of sight. It's there, but we don't see it yet. Or some of us do. Bits and pieces of it. We are poking around in our corners of this next thing. If we find each other, we just might connect the dots.

It is something more human.
Where the tools work for us,
where we don't work for the tools.

Do you have some of the dots?
Can we see if any of our dots connect?






2 responses to “Will you connect some dots with me?”

  1. Karen Hartline Avatar

    I have lots of dots. Any specific kinds you’re looking for? Would love to connect the dots with you!

    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      We’ve been connecting so many dots already. I’m fortunate to have you as a good friend who I get to hang out with in person, and get to see every month (or at least really close to that). the fun thing is that we can connect with folks we don’t even know yet. We can discover and “unlock” dots from the most unexpected places!!

      All that said, I think we all have MANY more dots that we don’t even know about yet.

      e.g .I’ve been playing with https://www.conspire.com and it is showing me some really interesting things.

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