Worth Trying

Today I gave my best attempt at roasting my own coffee at home with a little help from Sweet Maria. We went to Dunn Brothers and bought some fair-trade/organic green beans (for 10% off by the way), brought them home, and opened all the windows. Then I fired up the stove top, dumped all the beans into a skillet and stirred slowly while they started roasting. After a while they started crackling and the ‘chaff’ started popping off. After another 12-15 minutes they were popping real good, and getting oily and dark so I tossed them on a cookie sheet in the window and let them cool.

All it all, it was an ok process. But the chaff was a mess and I don’t know really how to get them cleaned off without making too big of a mess.

I’m probably going to leave it to the pros for the most part, but I’ll try this again when I have a house, and the ability to take my mess to the porch.






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