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Your Last Dig

“The work is more important than the talking and the writing about the work.”
– Dorothy Day

“There have been enough words, enough sermons and books. What matters now is deeds.” – Emmy Arnold

Dear Reader:

We will no longer be publishing online, so this will be your last Daily Dig. This is only the beginning, not the end. We want to thank you for your friendship over the years, and look forward to meeting you face to face. Now the real contact can begin. We welcome you to drop by any of our communities any time to join us in our daily life and work.

The Bruderhof Communities have gone offline. Sometimes I feel like these quotes are speaking directly to me. Othertimes I feel like I’m still a student and thinking and developing more. I guess it’s time to pull out the and and put away the or.

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I think it is because they want to connect with people face to face, and people like you and I might actually go visit one of their communities now.

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