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A few things have been tugging at my heart and mind lately. I was reading Henri Nouwen’s “Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith” this morning, and a few things are beginning to click into place

The Most Human and Most Divine Gesture

The two disciples whom Jesus joined on the road to Emmaus recognised him in the breaking of the bread. What is a more common, ordinary gesture than breaking bread? It may be the most human of all human gestures: a gesture of hospitality, friendship, care, and the desire to be together. Taking a loaf of bread, blessing it, breaking it, and giving it to those seated around the table signifies unity, community, and peace. When Jesus does this he does the most ordinary as well as the most extraordinary. It is the most human as well as the most divine gesture.

The great mystery is that this daily and most human gesture is the way we recognise the presence of Christ among us. God becomes most present when we are most human.

  • Every day I have a stronger and stronger desire to cultivate a Christian community. I have been resisting this desire for a number of reasons (ask if you want to know), but it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore.
  • If it were up to me to “plant” a church I would call it broken. Broken people. Broken hearts. Broken bread.

These are the dreams that wake me from my sleep.

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