Dance is the new Jazz?

I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz recently.

cos'è il jazz [ archivio ]

Listening to it was one thing. But researching which albums I should start with, and searching through spotify to find the best recordings of each album made me realize a couple things:

  1. In Jazz, there were a lot of “covers” and “remixes” and “guest artists”
  2. Studio albums are great, but live recordings are better once you are familiar with the music. And, in my extremely limited experience, hearing these songs live-in-person is the ultimate.

Now, that I am listening and reading through Nathaniel Whittemore’s “Best Dance Tracks of 2012” I am starting to think that dance music–if any of it can stand the test of time–might end up being the ascendant to Jazz.

Am I crazy?






2 responses to “Dance is the new Jazz?”

  1. Nathaniel Whittemore Avatar

    Really great thoughts. From the standpoint of a genre that is iterative and sort of undermines whatever boundaries you put on it as soon as it can, they’re definitely similar.

    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      I started intentionally listent to jazz, because I had previously just passively ‘consumed’ it, and felt like I was missing something. I have been more physically engaged with dance music, but again, didn’t really pay much real attention to the genre. I’m excited just to pay a little closer attention now.

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