economy of love

Kim and I weren’t planning on going to the state fair yesterday, but the laptops I setup with a form for my work were having some issues, so I have to go in for triage. Kim met me there, and once I did as much for the laptops as I could, we spent the rest of the evening eating anything we could find on a stick. I don’t think either of us have recovered.

That was definitely the most people I have ever seen at the fair. And I was amazed by how easy it is to fall in love, when you look at every person and wonder what their hopes and pains are. In some ways it was a pointless exercise, because I had no intention or ability to follow though with any of those thoughts. But it was amazing to discover how large a heart can get. I was also surprised by how difficult it was to care for the “beautiful people.” I would think, that in a society where I have been trained by the TV since birth to value beauty and popularity, that I would naturally be drawn to beauty and popularity. But when considering peoples hopes and pain, I was drawn more to all of us regular folks. I don’t know what this means. But it was interesting none the less.

The other interesting aspect of the “economy of love” I discovered in this process is the more you love, the more you can love. I would think that like time, money, and other resources, I would only have so much love to share. So, maybe by allowing myself to love others, I would potentially run out of or have less love to share. But after last night, I love my wife even more. Like I had extra. It will be interesting to follow this observation and see how it plays out once the openness to love is able to convert to acts of love (feeding, providing, sharing, etc.) Maybe once love is expressed through resources like time, and money, it will have to be more closely guarded.






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