Mental Scars Are (not) Real

If you go the way of the entrepreneur, you will have moments just like Dave McClure has described. I have the mental scars. They are not real.

What is real is this — you may be anything that you resolve to be. Anything.

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3 responses to “Mental Scars Are (not) Real”

  1. thomasknoll Avatar

    I know for a fact that my wife, a Marriage and Family Therapist, could add a lot of color to both sides of this statement. And, like any statement that really digs into the core of our existence, there are all kinds of shades of grey–shadows and light. But, I really appreciate JLM’s perspective on this particular story.

    So many times, we allow our very real mental scars to prevent us from attempting something that we can mentally and emotional overcome. Even when very real mental and emotional damage has been done in our minds, they cannot prevent us from overcoming those scars and attacking our goals from a different angle. I would try an compare this to physical scars and damage, but we live in an amazing world where a person can lose entire parts of their body, and still achieve their goals of climbing mountains, and winning olympic competitions, and raising a family.

    Have I been hurt? Yes, time and time again. Can that prevent me from attacking my goals and defeating my opposition? Never.

  2. Chris Pritchard Avatar

    It’s really hard to do at first. Most people find something to comfort them; an escape. After becoming conscious of the fact that I can do anything, that anything is possible, it took some time to build on that. I get more bold each time I do something outside my comfort zone, and it builds my confidence to get to the next level.

    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      I love that approach, Chris!

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