Peak Experience

I just came down from the mountain. An 82 hour life-changing gathering of an amazing community of entrepreneurs, storytellers, and world changers called Summit Series.

A number of friends have been asking about it. I am happy to have that conversation, but it should be in person and over a good meal. So, hit me up to plan that meal.

However, I do want to pass on to you a few ideas I wrote down to remind myself how to live the summit experience every week of the year:

  • Actually talk to the person beside you. You never know who they are.
  • Be willing to be inspired by something you don’t understand.
  • Always think positive thoughts, you never know who is reading your mind. =)
  • Eat every meal with lots of people, even people you don’t know.
  • Stretch. Grow. Drink lots of water. And breathe.
  • Dance every day. And dance like you mean it. Till you sweat.






2 responses to “Peak Experience”

  1. Mindie Kniss Avatar

    Love it!
    What an awesome weekend… it’s hard to believe it’s over!

    1. thomasknoll Avatar

      I guess that is why I want to keep it alive everyday. =)

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