what next?

I have been asking some dear friends of mine for their feed back on the Broken Heart Manifesto.

One person asked, “What is your intention with it… what is the next step?”

I am personally trying to take it up, and live it out. If others do the same, that would be wonderful.

In all my reading and thinking and conversations, it seems like there is a fairly strong consensus that the framework of christendom is not sustainable for the next generation of the church. And while I highly value worship as a Christian practice, I’m not sure that it works as the *basis* of following Christ.

So If I am going to try and follow Christ, I’m sure there will be many moments of stopping to worship our creator, but the daily ins and outs of it, it seems, would be more along the lines of the manifesto.

My hope is that more and more communities of Christ followers would be able to make the things the manifesto talks about be the things they come together to do. But that’s in God’s hands not mine.






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  1. colleagues. No shocker there, no conspiracy there, no speculative explanations about what must have happened or what it finally shows. Thomas’s heart has been broken, from the shards and shreds of which he’s made a Broken Heart Manifesto, andinvited others to join and comment. I think there are other topics I meant to include, but if so, they’ve already slipped off the back of the shelf.

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